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Downtime Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of your machine is critical to its longevity and can reduce deposit related defects. Here are a few major areas we specialize in:

Boilout and Bubble-Up®: Deposit buildup anywhere in your machine system can cause an increase in demand for microbiological control or deposit-related defects.  DuBois can provide products specifically designed to clean your machine’s system.

Downtime Fabric Cleaning: DuBois has various types of downtime fabric cleaners that can help restore your machine’s fabrics, whether it is a wire, felt or dryer fabric.  Our cleaning lines include Neutra Solve, Div-O-Kleen, Felt Scrub, Felt Brite, Felt Kleen, Saf-T-Brite and Sure Safe

Machine Surface Cleaning: Deposits on the surface of your machine can cause increased biological growth and machine corrosion.  DuBois has a full line of foam cleaners and DuJel cleaners to eliminate your machine’s deposits, from headbox to reel. 

Coater Cleaning: Deposit buildup anywhere in the coating loop can cause coating-related product defects and sites for microbiological growth.  DuBois can provide products for external or system cleaning including our patented Altrox and DuJel.