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Neutra Solve

Outbreaks of stickies from recycled fiber or coated broke can cause machine issues that can last for days.  Neutra Solve is a line of patent-pending cleaners specifically designed to clean recycled fiber stickies.  Neutra Solve cleaners can provide safety, process and cost benefits over traditional stickies cleaners like kerosene and mineral spirits. 

Neutra Solve 502 is a water-based product with solvent and wetting agents that can be used for downtime fabric cleaning and machine surface and system cleaning.

Neutra Solve 504 is a dilutable, 100% active product that is suitable for downtime and continuous fabric cleaning.

Neutra Solve 506 is also a 100% active product that is specifically designed for cleaning hot dryer fabrics because the flash point is above 200°F.

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