Surface Disinfection & Deep Clean

Surface Disinfection & Deep Clean

The US CDC has recently provided guidance to the National Association of Manufacturers regarding the proper approach for cleaning and disinfection of facilities and manufacturing plants. Here is a link to the CDC guidance.

If an infected individual was on site
Close any area where a sick person worked. The cleaning and disinfection of this area should be delayed as much as feasible to minimize the risk of exposure through aerosolized droplets. Proper ventilation with outdoor air is a good method to do this. Where possible, cleaning should begin after a 24 hour waiting period of the cordoned-off area.
The cleaning team should ensure all affected areas are cleaned and disinfected. This would include all surfaces that could have been exposed to the sick individual, including bathrooms, office spaces, lunchrooms, and common areas.

General guideline for cleaning and disinfection
Disinfectants are designed to work on surfaces that are clear of dirt and debris. The first step of any cleaning and disinfection is the use of industrial detergents/soaps and water. Cleanings should always be done before disinfection.

Hard Surface Cleaning and Disinfection (non-porous)
Cleaning of the surfaces should be done with an appropriate industrial cleaner designed for horizontal or vertical surfaces based on the application. The cleaning should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.
Once the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned of dirt and debris, an EPA approved disinfectant should be used. DuBois recommends a sodium hypochlorite solution (SHS-900) or a quaternary ammonium compound solution (Neuquat) be used for this step. The user must ensure that the product is approved for the application, per label claim, and applied per label instruction. Mixing different cleaning solutions could lead to dangerous interactions.

The cleaning team must also ensure they are wearing the appropriate PPE per the label instructions.

The attached quick reference was created by DuBois to support facilities in ordering the proper products for their Surface Disinfection and Plant Deep Clean.

Transfer of Technology 

From Food & Beverage plants to Machine Shops and Big Box Retail, DuBois has a Deep Cleaning solution.  Because of the range of industries we supply, DuBois is uniquely prepared us to help you.

The following General Cleaning Procedures for Pre-Cleaning, Dry Cleaning and Dry Sanitizing were prepared by Jacques Rouillard, Senior Scientist, DuBois Chemicals.  He has over 40 years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing.  He has dedicated his career to develop procedures and cleaning chemistry to keep our food supply chain safe.  Many of today’s modern procedures and cleaner innovations are based on his work.