Protect Your Assets

Protect Your Parts and Equipment With Confidence

Rust Prevention

After metal is processed, its surface area is prone to flash rusting.  Many manufacturers use a limited short-term corrosion inhibitor on parts to provide brief protection while parts are shipped back to end users.   When parts in-process have the possibility of not being put into service for longer periods of time, a longer lasting corrosion inhibitor may be needed to avoid hundreds of parts rusting at your customer’s location.

DuBois Chemicals offers a full line of water soluble and solvent based ferrous rust preventives with longer lasting protection than what you may be currently using.  Switching to a product offering longer lasting protection will be a proactive move to avoid surface rust on parts deemed unacceptable by customers even though the parts weren’t put into use at their plants.  Learn more or search products.

Equipment Care

From boilers, cooling towers, floor scrubbers, metalworking fluid sumps to quench tanks, proper layup of your equipment must be addressed to avoid costly repairs and lingering quality problems.

Learn more today about how your team can leverage equipment care to improve your bottom line.