DuBois has allocated cleaning and sanitizing experts from our R&D, Product Line Management, Regulatory, and Operations Teams to create formulas, establish supply ­chain and align with FDA, EPA and ATF regulations on the manufacturing of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Hand San 510D

SKU Item
HANDSAN510D.005 HAND SAN 510D - 18.9L/5G PAIL
HANDSAN510D.055 HAND SAN 510D - 208L/55G DRUM

One faucet will be shipped with each pail for orders of 3 or less, while orders of 4 or more will receive 1 faucet for every 4 pails ordered. Additional faucets can be ordered.


HAND SAN 510D is an ethanol-based hand sanitizer, ideal for use outside the washroom to provide hand hygiene at the work-point or on the move.  HAND SAN 510D is un-scented meeting WHO and FDA requirements for sale to Food and Beverage and Healthcare facilities for effective hand sanitation.  Our dye and fragrance free product evaporates quickly and contains emollient to protect skin from excess drying.

Key Properties

  • Complies with FDA and WHO requirements for an effective hand sanitizer
  • Dye free
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Contains emollient to protect skin from excess drying

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Please view our hand and surface sanitizer video below.