• Detailing Products

CAR Products’ philosophy is to provide our customers with superior products at competitive pricing. We believe our customers deserve the very best. We offer a full line of detailing products & supplies.

Cleaning Chemicals: A wide variety of cleaners for booth Interior and Exterior applications.

Wash Soaps & Mitts: High foaming gentle cleaners, along with everything you would need to produce a perfectly clean vehicle.

Dressings & Conditioners: An in-depth selection of all things needed to shine and protect everything from interior surfaces down to your tires.

Interior Odor Control: A wide array of products to make your vehicle’s interior smell pleasant while eliminating offensive odors.

Compounds: Our compounds are body shop safe, from mild to aggressive, yet they leave a polished shine.

Polishes: We offer both detailer preferred products and body shop safe options. Both leaving a high shine and a swirl free finish.

Pads & Backing Plates: All the professional products needed to outfit your shop for all your buffing needs.

Exterior Decontamination: Everything you would need to prepare your vehicle’s paints for coating, polish or wax.

Exterior Protection & Maintenance: A selection of premium products that not only protect but leave a showroom shine.

Exterior/Interior Applicators, Brushes, Towels and Bottles: All the accessories needed to wax, shine, wipe, clean and dry your vehicle to help achieve maximum results.

Miscellaneous Detailing Items: Tools and accessories to professional outfit your shop.

Warranty Programs: Instill confidence in the CAR Products Brand by offering Warranty Guarantees to your customers.