• Auto Wash Products

Supersat Alkaline & Surfactants: Blendco’s own innovative custom detergent mixing system blends car wash detergents on site, allowing the user to BE IN CONTROL and save money! SuperSat line of products is available in both Powders and Liquid Alkaline to fit every need.

Presoaks & Detergents: Complete line of groundbreaking Presoaks & Detergents which deliver superior performance by using exceptional quality products at a competitive price.

Tire & Wheel Cleaners: High-performance Tire & Wheel cleaners for every type of wheel and rim. Safely remove whatever the road throws at you.

Polishes & Conditioners: Proprietary Blend of Polishes and Conditioners which provide exceptional clean and shine.

Sealants & Waxes: A full line of versatile options which delivers results for an exceptional spotless finish and showroom shine.

Drying Agents: Revolutionary Drying Agents that provided instantaneous water break for a drier end result.

Tire Dressing & Solvents: Restores shine and provides long lasting protection for a just drove off the lot allure.

SuperBlend: Blend at your location with SuperBlend! Manufacture a full line of high quality detergents and protectants using our SuperBlend Concentrates.

Water Treatment: Use in conjunction with our patented SuperClear System to treat reclaimed water, take away unwanted odors and make suitable for reuse.

Pet Products: Pamper your pet with our full line of gentle high quality pet cleaning products. Fido will love you for it!

Specialty Products: All products needed to keep your wash, from walls to wraps, show room clean.