Water Management Programs

Water Management Programs

DuBois can handle all your water treatment needs. From cooling towers to boiler systems, closed loops to biocides, equipment feed systems to in-line filters, monochloramine generation to wastewater treatment, Legionella risk management to clean-up products, DuBois has the knowledge, products, and expertise to service all your water treatment needs.

Upon request, DuBois will survey your water systems, and develop a complete water management plan which will focus on water, chemical, and energy savings, prolonging equipment life, and reducing risks due to biological growth. Once the plan has been developed and agreed on, DuBois will implement the plan, transitioning to our chemistry and equipment with the help of our experienced, local service teams.

Once the program is running, you will see DuBois renowned service take center stage as we routinely visit your site, ensuring the program is operating as intended and making changes as necessary. Through use of DuBoisService.com, all service reports, operator logs, visit reports, and other program information is kept on the cloud where you can access the data at any time. If desired, your DuBois rep will schedule regular review sessions (quarterly, annually, etc.) with you to update you on how your water system is functioning, and to propose any continuous improvement projects which can be implemented.

DuBois is flexible with our customers on methods of paying for our water management programs. Even monthly billings, annual or multi-annual contracts, or pay-as-you-go options are all available for you. We will work with you to meet your finance and purchasing needs.

Case Study:  Legionella Water Management Plan—Government Industry