Equipment is the second piece of the fleet wash solution as it’s equipment that applies and helps our chemistry work properly. DuBois designs, manufactures, and installs large vehicle washing systems designed to maximize the principles of cleaning, while reducing chemical and water usage to keep your cost in line.

DuBois has installed thousands of custom equipment solutions. We are experts at applying practical experience to the most challenging opportunities.


Our Automated Drive-Thru Washing Systems are designed to make your company and their fleet/large vehicles shine. These system have a very unique washing process, which allows a thorough cleaning of the exterior of any type of equipment from Buses/Municipalities, Trucks, Trailers, Mining Equipment, Vans, Trains/Rail and any other large vehicle. The system saves time and money, by completing its cycle in less than one minute, which means having your fleet vehicles back out on the road. The system can also be automated, requiring no operator during the washing process.


Our Gantry Roll-Over Washing Systems are also designed to use less water and chemicals but provide a higher level of cleaning due to a longer wash cycle. The system uses high pressure and brushes that follow the contour of the vehicle to thoroughly clean the outside of your vehicle. The system is customizable to your needs, so you can clean your vehicles in a way that suits the design of your facility.

Pressure Washers

Our industrial pressure washers are designed to provide the power, reliability, and versatility for a variety of fleet washing needs. Our cold water units are the ideal choice when washing away dirt and debris, while our hot water pressure washers are the most effective tool for removing grease, grime, and a variety of other contaminants from virtually any surface.

Interior Trailer Washout

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is designed to protect foods from farm to table by keeping them safe from contamination during transportation. New guidelines require trailer interiors to be cleaned and sanitized. Our automated interior trailer washing system is designed to meet this need. The system has a 3 minute automated wash/sanitation cycle and has the capability to be mounted on a loading dock or without a loading dock.