• Acid Products

Rhino Brite Triple X – A strong low pH acid presoak. This fast-acting and high foaming acid cleaner works to remove the toughest road film and window mask. It also makes an effective wheel cleaner. This acid blend contains hydrofluoric acid to loosen heavy road film and brake dust often not removable by ordinary acid cleaners.

Transit Brite – A unique blend of acids and surfactants specifically designed for exterior vehicle cleaning and aluminum brightening in both transportation and industrial applications. It will remove road film, diesel exhaust, petroleum soils, and metallic oxides from painted surfaces, steel, chrome, and various alloys. Transit Brite does not contain phosphates or hydrofluoric acid.

So-Brite Plus – A unique blend of acids and surfactants designed for exterior vehicle cleaning. So-Brite Plus achieves the benefit of aluminum brightening without the corrosive and harmful effects of hydrofluoric acid. This product effectively brightens aluminum and removes grease, oil, rust oxidation and other soils found on heavy vehicles in the transportation, construction and mining industries.

Bright Test LV – An acidic cleaning compound for use on the exterior surface of all rail vehicles. Bright Test LV effectively removes the grime and iron dust encrusted on diesel engines, cabooses, flatbeds, and other areas that have a thick buildup of iron oxide soil. This product contains no sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, or other hazardous mineral- based acids and no fluorides. Bright Test LV does not contain SARA 313 reportables.