The baking industry faces many challenges in cleaning its equipment; especially in terms of eliminating microbial threats thoroughly and efficiently.

Bakeries and confectioneries have specific standards to ensure the safety of their products. DuBois technologies satisfy and exceed these standards to give you piece-of-mind.


The beverage industry is diverse in substance, containment, and packaging; maintaining the cleanliness and productivity of each facility is unique.

DuBois has developed innovative total beverage care program that will reduce your water, labor, and energy costs while providing high quality results. Through our chemistry, service, equipment, and expertise, we can keep your production lines running efficiently and economically. DuBois will survey your facility and develop the best program to meet your needs.



The brewing industry centers on unique taste, quality, and an experience.

Challenges facing brewers are achieving consistent flavor, improving shelf life, and increasing yields. DuBois food grade defoamers and clarifying agents for breweries, distilleries, and wineries will help meet these objectives.

DuBois superior chemistries and technical support will help ensure you consistently produce high quality beverages. We will assist you in everything from production to packaging.



Dairy processes are particularly complex. The various constituents of milk: water, fat, proteins, lactose, minerals, pigments, enzymes, vitamins, phospholipids, and gases, create sanitation challenges throughout your production processes.

DuBois offers a complete line of sanitation products and services essential to maintain high hygienic standards and increase the shelf-life of your products.


Fruit and Vegetable Processing

The produce industry continues to accept responsibility to provide fresh and safe products. Contaminated product poses danger to consumers and is devastating to a fruit and vegetable processor’s reputation.

DuBois cleaning and sanitation products, application training, and local service will help keep pathogens out of your products. We are committed to help your team institute the correct solutions necessary to ensure a safe and wholesome product.


Processed & Ready-to-Eat Food

With decades of experience, DuBois will help you produce the highest quality food product with maximum shelf-life. Our full range of proven products and local technical support will deliver the best solution to prevent food-borne illness and protect your brand.

As you expand your processed and ready-to-eat food offerings, DuBois is uniquely qualified to support your team. Our extensive line of products, coupled with our technical support, will help increase your productivity and ensure you deliver a safe and superior product.


Snack Food

From potato chips and pretzels to donuts and cookies, every snack food presents its own unique process challenges. DuBois has comprehensive solutions that will help you meet and exceed your goals. Whether you are removing caramelized sugar or baked on grease, DuBois will deliver a clean surface safely and effectively.


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