• Food Grade Lubricants

DuBois has developed innovative total beverage care programs that provide the newest standards in conveyor lubrication. Our solutions will reduce your water, labor, and energy costs to optimize track and conveyor performance. DuBois blends chemistry, service, equipment, and technical expertise to keep your lines running smoothly.

We recognize the requirements for each of your facilities are unique; we design solutions tailored for each of your operations. DuBois is committed to deliver the best available technology at a total operating cost that will maximize your profitability.

DuBois comprehensive line of food grade lubricants are formulated specifically for the food packing and processing industry. We have oils and greases that can be used over a wide range of operating temperatures for machine parts and equipment that may come in contact with food or beverage.

We have food grade mineral oil and synthetic based products for used in the lubrication of machinery in beverage plants, meat and poultry packing plants, canneries, bakeries and other industrial food packaging and processing plants.

Our food grade products conform to FDA regulations and are NSF White Pages Listed.

Products and Technologies:

  • Synthetic lubricants for hydraulic systems slides, guides, chains, saws, mixers, valves, bearings, vacuum pumps and compressors
  • High Temperature and Extreme High Temperature Oven Chain and Conveyor lubricant for commercial bakeries, beverage can manufacturers and food packaging material producers
  • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil
  • Seamer Oil for can seamers
  • Refined White Oils
  • Water White Mineral Oils for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • Food Grade Grease
  • Track and Conveyor Lubrication