Case Studies

Water Treatment

Case Studies:

Installation of Monitrol Water Management Program at midwest automotive customer results in 80% water and 15% chemical usage reductions.


The customer is a large automotive parts manufacturer located in the Midwest, USA. The account has multiple cooling towers totaling just over 1100 active tons.

The facility had two primary issues with their water treatment program. First, copper corrosion was occurring in the system, resulting in copper levels at the discharge greater than local regulations allowed. Copper levels in the blowdown of the various towers ranged from 0.1-1.1 ppm. Second, due to the limits of the water treatment program being used, cycles were limited to just two. This resulted in a blowdown rate in excess of 17 million gallons of water per year.

The DuBois Solution

DuBois proposed a complete, Water Management Program across all of the facilities’ cooling towers. This program consisted of Monitrol 2300 PBB, DICA 66, and Trex-Ade 410 (for additional copper corrosion inhibition.) A Monitrol equipment program was also installed.

Results and Benefits 

  • Cycles increased from two to six, resulting in a reduction of water usage of approximately 80%, from 17 million gallons annual blowdown to just over 3.5 million gallons.
  • Chemicals costs and usage were reduced by 15%.
  • Copper levels reduced to below detectable limits.
  • Customer provided with peace of mind due to real-time alarm notifications when system parameters were out of specification.
  • Pinpoint chemical feed control was established using the Monitrol chemistry and equipment package.