Case Studies

Water Treatment

Case Studies:

Large, national industrial laundry sees significant gains in wastewater process after process and chemical improvements installed by DuBois


A large, national industrial laundry account was seeking process improvements from several vendors. Several water treatment companies were brought in to survey current systems, and propose solutions. Bench testing, and eventually field trials, would differentiate the proposed systems.

The wastewater treatment process at the facility consisted of four primary steps: coagulation, flocculation, clay, and lime.

The DuBois Solution

Dubois surveyed the system and recommended improvements not only to the chemicals used in the process, but also to the product application. Dubois also recommended several process improvements which reduced the primary process steps to just three, eliminating one chemical from the process.

Results and Benefits 

  • Elimination of a process step and improvements to product applications resulted in cost savings.
  • Process and chemical improvements result in a decrease in the clay feed, resulting in further chemical savings.
  • DuBois’ process increased clarity and increased cake solids, providing further savings.
  • Finally, the quality of the discharge at the facility was better.