Bearing are a critical component of all moving parts, making them an essential element of our everyday lives. If a part twists, rotates or glides it more than likely contains some sort of bearing that reduces friction enabling smooth running engines in automobiles, implementation of 3D printers, and quiet running ceiling fans and washing machines…to list a few everyday examples.

Bearings are also found in applications ranging from:

  • Machine Tools
  • Office Equipment
  • Automobiles
  • Off Road Equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Construction equipment
  • Household Appliances
  • Energy Turbines

DuBois will partner with customers in this dynamic industry to deliver comprehensive innovative products and solutions. It is critical these products support the highly engineered bearing that must be able to provide reliability, durability and high precision which enable machinery to move at extremely high speeds, meet tolerances and carry remarkable loads with ease and efficiency.

For value added service, technical solutions which result in increased productivity, cost saving, while staying abreast of regulations and most importantly, safety of operators… you can count on the DuBois team!

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