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CIMCOOL introduces DuBois Quenching Fluids in Europe

March 23, 2021

DuBois Chemicals Quenching product line will now be available in Europe via the CIMCOOL organization. The powerful combination of DuBois’ 100 years of experience and Cimcool’s 70 years of European market knowledge, are now where chemistry & process knowledge meet through leading heat treatment products.

In this strong partnership, our team has engineered the product portfolio to the latest European legislative requirements and to next level quenching performance resulting in improved corrosion protection, longer fluid life, and optimal health and safety features.

The European DuBois Quenching fluids product line includes oil-based Quenching Fluids and water-based Quenchants.  Our oil-based quenchants are ideal products for quenching intricate shaped parts and high-hardenability alloys.  DuBois water-based quenchants provide high hardness with fast quenching speed.

Learn more about DuBois’ Quenching Fluids product line!

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