• Cleaners & Scale Conditioners

A consistent coating is critical to wire and tube forming processes. If lubricating top coats and acid scale remain on the surface of the product when is enters the zinc phosphate stage, a spotty and inconsistent coating can be expected. DuBois offers a full line of alkaline cleaners and scale conditioners designed to make your parts clean for a uniform, dense coating. The alkaline cleaners will remove any oils and greases while the scale conditioners will convert acid insoluble oxides to their soluble form, especially alloys containing nickel and chromium as well as remove smut from the annealing process.

DuBois cleaners and scale conditioning products offer many options and benefits including:

  • Spray and Immersion alkaline cleaners for all metal types
  • Buffered scale conditioners to convert oxides to an acid soluble form and increase bath life
  • Acid pickling inhibitors