• Alkaline and Neutral Cleaners

To ensure peak quality and optimize production, your parts must be clean prior to the next step in your process. If your parts are not properly cleaned, soils will accumulate on production equipment, material transfer surfaces, robotics, floors and other work areas leading to downtime and unsafe working environments. DuBois offers a variety of alkaline and neutral cleaners formulated to remove the toughest soils. Our industrial cleaners will remove process lubricants, greases, and other general shop soils accumulated during production.

With nearly 100 years of cleaning experience, we are positioned to match the perfect cleaner for your process. DuBois has a comprehensive line of liquids, powders, and Ready-to-Use gels and offers customized industrial cleaning solutions for:

  • Spray, immersion, spray wand, and vibratory applications
  • Steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper and galvanized safe as well as multi-metal options
  • Low operating temperature conditions

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