• Vibratory and Mass Finishing

DuBois offers a comprehensive selection of vibratory and mass finishing compounds that help deliver the surface finish you demand. Our chemistries provide the lubricity, cleaning and corrosion protection needed to keep your equipment and media clean. DuBois compounds facilitate the removal of burrs, part lines, oxidation, rust, and scale. We offer chemistries for multiple metals for use in vibratory, rotary barrel, and tumbling applications. Whether you are finishing with media or processing part-on-part, DuBois has a custom solution for you.

Yellow and soft metals are some of the toughest to clean while protecting and preserving the integrity of the material. We specialize in formulations for cleaning and protecting ammunition while giving the desired luster.

DuBois custom solutions include:

  • Alkaline, neutral and acid chemistry
  • Options for ferrous, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless, and yellow metals
  • Corrosion protection after treating