• Slideway and Spindle Oils

Ensuring your machine slideways are properly lubricated is key to having a consistently smooth operation and negating the stick-slip effect. Not having a properly lubricated slideway can cause a decrease in efficiency in metal removal processes. DuBois offers a series of mineral oil based slideway lubricants that will eliminate chatter, sticking, and slippage during your operation. We supply a wide range of viscosities that provide excellent wear resistance, corrosion protection, and a wide range of compatibilities.

Our spindle oils are manufactured from premium base oil stocks that lubricate and ensure uniform cooling capacity to protect your machines’ high speed spindle bearings. They are effective at modern machine speeds, prevent wear and and prohibit sludge and deposit formation on your spindles. DuBois spindle oils are non-foaming and prevent the hot spots that can damage your spindles.