• Cutting Fluids

    Manufacturing Chemicals Line

All metal cutting applications will cause extreme heat that can wear down the tooling as well as damage the material being worked on. DuBois offers a complete line of cutting fluids that are formulated with unique lubrication packages designed to increase productivity, part quality, tool life and grinding wheel life while maintaining exceptional corrosion control. Our product line encompasses chlorinated, non-chlorinated, sulfur and alternative boundary lubrication technology. Products include naphthenic, paraffinic and vegetable base stocks.

DuBois has full line of cutting fluids that includes:

  • Straight oils with extreme pressure additives
  • Soluble oils that create stable emulsions that provide excellent lubrication and heat transfer
  • Synthetic fluids with minimal foam and bacteria resistant technology to increase you tooling life extending the system life
  • Semi-synthetic fluids that provide an excellent a balance of lubrication and cooling properties