• Machine Cleaners

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Quality industrial cleaners can be essential to maximizing productivity and achieving high performance results!

DuBois specialty products for cleaning and sanitizing your machine sumps are effective, easy-to-use and will help you get back producing quality parts quickly. Surface cleaning is a critical process preceding any external metal treatment stage such as heat treatment or coatings. Consistently meeting cleanliness requirements has a direct effect on the quality of final products. We have hard surface cleaners ideal for removing shop soils and that help protect your machine center surfaces. By leveraging the process and applications expertise of our field personnel and support specialists we focus on product compatibility throughout the metalworking process. Our ultimate goal is to apply the right technology to maximize your productivity.

Visit our Facility Maintenance Cleaning Product pages to learn more about our full range of floor cleaners for mops and floor scrubbers that will help keep the areas around your machines clean and safe. DuBois also has a full range of pressure wand and ready-to-use gel products to clean walls and other large surfaces.