Case Studies


Case Studies:

Ammunition Cleaning and Brightening While Reducing the Number of Chemistries Required


The customer is an ammunition manufacturing that had an operation brightening brass and copper in a tumbling operation. They currently had three powdered products that were required for complete heat scale removal and part brightening. They also had to make additions manually whcich increased variability in quality and in cost.

The DuBois Solution

DuBois team partnered with our customer to fully automate their brass and brass coated steel ammunition casing descaling and brightening applications. We developed a SINGLE LIQUID product that replaced the THREE POWDERED competitor cleaners. The liquid form allowed the team to develop 10 CUSTOM PLC wash programs. The wash program automatically adds water, feeds chemical at 1oz per gal, tumbles, rinses, and drains at intervals specific to each casing type.

Results and Benefits

  • Nearly 50% Reduction in Cycle Time
  • 20% Chemical Cost Reduction
  • Fixed cost per batch
  • Consolidation of 3 Products into 1
  • No human error – Improved Quality