• Phosphate Conversion Coatings

DuBois provides a comprehensive line of phosphate coating products. Combining our technical expertise for product selection with our “total line responsibility” approach for service, we can ensure the highest quality phosphate coatings that will meet or exceed your process requirements for break in, corrosion protection, or adhesion.

Please find an overview of just a few of the many phosphate coating choices offered in our innovative lines of manganese and zinc phosphates along with information regarding supplemental products used for grain refinement, as sealants, or for producing black phosphate coatings.

  • Heavy Zinc Phosphate conversion coatings are used primarily for their ability to retain rust preventative oils and waxes, thus providing maximum corrosion protection and extended service life of the coated components.
  • Manganese Phosphate coatings are most commonly chosen for their break-in or wear resistant properties. The manganese phosphate coating not only prevents metal-to-metal contact between moving parts, it also has excellent oil retentive properties for both lubricity and corrosion protection.
  • Calcium Modified Zinc Phosphate coatings are typically used as a base for paint, rubber bonding, corrosion protection or break-in lubrication. The built-in grain refiner helps to form a smooth, uniform, microcrystalline structure. Calcium modified zinc phosphate coating weights can range from 150-1100 mg/ft2 depending on the formula chosen and the method of application.