Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Press Effluent Monitoring

In an effort to better measure the effectiveness of press felt cleaning applications, DuBois has developed a number of variable press effluent measurement solutions to analyze the changes in press section effluent before, during, and after chemical cleaning wash events. Using this data, DuBois is able to select cleaning chemistries and optimize application program variables.

We commonly measure press effluent parameters such as pH, conductivity, TDS, ORP, hardness, temperature, and turbidity in both online & offline modes.

This allows DuBois application specialists to use this data to better determine optimal cleaning event application method, concentrations, frequencies, and durations to best match each press felt’s unique deposition control demands.

Wet-end Monitoring

DuBois can provide wet-end monitoring equipment to monitor parameter such as pH, conductivity, TDS, ORP, hardness, temperature and turbidity. DuBois has easily installed systems for short term projects as well as permanent systems.