Paper Board & Packaging

Paperboard packaging is a growing and vibrant segment of the global economy. With the growth rate of the global middle class and the acceleration of e-commerce shopping, the demand for more paperboard and packaging continues to grow.

Paperboard is a highly sustainable packaging option. More than 65% of U.S. paperboard is recycled. Paperboard manufactures are urged to make stronger, lighter packaging solutions to meet these demands for packaging. Paperboard makers are tasked with increasing production while using less water and more recycled fiber.

DuBois technologies are designed to solve deposit control problems caused by recycled fiber “stickies”, wood pitch, sizing, strength additives, coated broke, and other troublesome soils.

Our technologies include:

  • Safety focused cleaners that are effective while non-corrosive to skin and eyes
  • “On-the-run” fabric cleaners with unique wetting agents designed for on modern paperboard machine speeds
  • The DuPulse ™ method of press felt cleaning, which improves the efficiency of press fabric cleaning
  • Wet and dry strength resin filling prevention and cleaning solutions
  • Stock additives, fabric treatments, and cleaners to eliminate problems from OCC stickies, coated broke stickies, and wood pitch deposition.
  • A complete line of scale inhibition products
  • Patented technologies for more effective coater system cleaning

Products and Technologies: