• Roll Treatment

Sheet release from press rolls is vital to ensuring press section runnability and sheet integrity leaving the press. DuBois has a wide range of products designed to improve sheet release. The DuBois approach to roll release involves a holistic approach to ensuring press roll performance. DuBois application experts perform an audit of the complete press section before recommending any treatment program. Our NEXUS® line of products can improve deposition resistance, remove existing deposits and maintain surface roll cleanliness to ensure ideal sheet release.

Key Technologies:

  • NEXUS® Product Line
  • Products designed for a wide variety of press roll configurations and paper grades
  • Excellent performance and compatibility with all roll surface covers including ceramic, polyurethane, and composite covers.
  • Improves performance of press roll doctor blades
  • Maintains roll hydrophilic surface characteristics keeping roll surface clean
  • Prevents deposition of contaminants such as ASA, AKD, stickies and pitch
  • Decreases draw and decreases work of adhesion, improving tail threading.
  • Reduce Sheet Picking
  • Improve CD draw profile
  • Decrease press related sheet breaks