Printing & Specialty Paper

Paper is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. More paper is recycled than any other commodity, and paper fibers can be recycled up to seven times.

Despite the development of e-readers, many studies show people enjoy pleasure reading in printed book and students retain more information with printed book. Artist and craftsmen enjoy the versatility of colors, textures, and print styles possible with paper.

Specialty paper can come in a variety of vibrant colors and requires the use of unique functional additives and high filler content.

For manufacturers of coated and uncoated freesheet, we have solutions for maximizing uptime, maintaining fabric life, and preventing coater defects.

Our technologies include:

  • Safety focused cleaners that are effective while non-corrosive to skin and eyes
  • “On-the-run” fabric cleaners with unique wetting agents designed for more effective cleaning without downtime.
  • The DuPulse ™ method of press felt cleaning, which improves the efficiency of press fabric cleaning
  • Patented technologies for more effective coater system cleaning
  • Stock additives, fabric treatments, and cleaners to eliminate problems from recycle fiber stickies, coated broke stickies, and wood pitch deposition.
  • A complete line of scale inhibition products

Products and Technologies: