Product Feed & Control

Product Feed & Control

The ultimate success in delivering any chemical application depends largely on combining state of the art feed & control equipment, with industry leading chemistries.

DuBois has invested significantly in developing custom solutions, to support the safety, reliability and performance of all of our chemical applications. DuBois can also supply base totes, containment systems and flexible Stainless Steel armored high pressure chemical hose to safely dispense chemistries from pumping locations to point of use.

Key Technologies:

DuPulse® Feed System

  • DuBois custom system for feed and control of press felt cleaning applications.
  • Automated timed feed events
  • Control system interface for control or run permissive

Micro Pulse™ System

  • Smaller version of our custom fabric cleaning platform
  • Fast, easy setup – no wiring required, tote hanging controller
  • Ideal for trials or smaller paper machines

DuBois “Safe and Precise” Pumping System

  • Cabinet designed to protect your workers from spills or sprays
  • Pump designed for direct dial-in dosage, accuracy, multiple feed strategies, and automatic pressure change compensation
  • Suited for feed and control of fabric and roll treatments programs as well as pitch, stickies, scale, and biological control programs

DuBlast 150 Foam Cart

  • DuBois premium custom foam cart for large applications
  • High volume foaming with range of 50 ft.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Includes hose reel, pumps, hoses, regulator, wand assembly