Tissue & Towel

Tissue touches everyone. Whether at home or away, most of us use tissue products every day.

The tissue industry can present many deposit control and fabric performance challenges.

Manufacturers of away-from-home tissue often face issues related to quality and variability of the recycled fiber supply. Towel and napkin producers often combat press fabric wet strength resin filling. Manufacturers of products made on TAD machines face issues with TAD fabric cleanliness and release.

DuBois technologies are designed to solve deposit control problems caused by recycled fiber “stickies”, strength resins, creping/release chemistries, debonder chemicals, wood pitch, CMC, fines, and other troublesome soils.

Our technologies include:

  • “On-the-run” fabric cleaners with unique wetting agents designed for high speed tissue machines
  • Safety focused cleaners that are effective while non-corrosive to skin and eyes
  • The DuPulse™ method of press felt cleaning, which improves the efficiency of press fabric cleaning
  • TAD fabric treatment and cleaners
  • Wet and dry strength resin filling prevention and cleaning solutions
  • Solutions to eliminate the need for downtime cleaning of forming wire, press felts, and TAD fabrics
  • Technologies to prevent “stickies” deposition on forming fabrics without using a charged barrier coating
  • Stock additives, fabric treatments, and cleaners to eliminate problems from mixed office waste fiber stickies, converting broke adhesives, and wood pitch deposition.
  • A complete line of scale inhibition products

Products and Technologies: