Innovation plays a critical role in reducing operating costs, lowering consumption of natural resources and eliminating waste that must be disposed or further treated. DuBois takes prides in delivering cutting edge technologies that reduce your chemical, water, labor and energy costs.

DuBois leverages over 100 Chemists and Engineers across eight Technical Centers of Excellence to address your specialty chemical needs. Recent solutions include:

Each of these advancements were developed and implemented to address environmental impact and improve your profitability.

Customer Driven Chemistry

Many of DuBois Research and Development projects are in partnership with individual customers to address challenges unique to their process. We recognize that even companies providing solutions to the same industry with similar products have unique processes. DuBois technical teams, in partnership with a network of local technical professionals, conduct individual evaluations of each customer’s process to drive the development and implementation of unique chemical solutions.

More than Chemistry

In addition to developing and implementing the correct chemical solution, DuBois local technical teams are experts in improving the manufacturing process efficiency of our customers, making the appropriate equipment recommendation or using the existing equipment to accomplish the customer’s goals faster and at a lower cost.