• Dryer Fabric Cleaning

The openness and cleanliness of the dryer fabric has a significant impact on steam use in the drying section. DuBois has effective solutions for cleaning dryer sections. DuBois understands the special safety considerations associated with cleaning the dryer fabric due the temperature and steam pressure of dryer cans.

Key Technologies:

Sure Safe 430

  • Effective dryer fabric cleaner with a better safety profile than many common fabric cleaners
  • Non-corrosive to skin and eyes.

Saf-T-Brite HS

  • Alkaline dryer fabric cleaner with no free caustic
  • Safely cleans dryer fabrics at high temperatures with no damage to fabrics or dryer cans

Neutra Solve 510

  • Concentrated solvent blend cleaner specifically designed to remove “stickies” contaminants from recycled furnishes or coated broke.
  • Flash point above 200°F/93°C, for use in hot areas like dryer fabrics and TAD fabrics.