• Fireside Additives

DuBois proprietary liquid and powder products provide both deposit reduction and/or combustion catalysis to improve the combustion characteristics of a wide variety of materials. Biomass, waste combustion and both kraft and sulfite recovery boilers have all been treated successfully. The benefits of using Powerlite and Powercat products include improved run length period, reduced shutdown time, softer grates and therefore reduced cleaning times, improved combustion and energy removal efficiency and improved operational reliability.

Key Technologies:


  • Custom formulated powder products to provide the most cost-effective control of fireside deposits and combustion catalysis in recovery boilers
  • Can help to eliminate the recovery boiler as a possible bottleneck in the mill pulping process
  • Applied using custom-designed automatic Powerlite Hopper Feeders for hands free continuous or pre-programmed schedule feeds.


  • Provides the most cost-effective control of fireside deposits and combustion in waste and biomass applications.
  • Proprietary, highly concentrated water-based solutions of either ash modifiers and/or combustion catalysts
  • Provide unique capabilities for waste and biomass combustion applications
  • Applied directly to the substrate prior to firing with the dosing systems that are simple and effective