• Hydrogen Sulfite and Odor Control

DuBois line of proprietary products include effective scrubbing reagents for dangerous materials such as hydrogen sulfite, mercaptan and other sulfur-based odor chemistries as well as sterilizing materials for effective microbiocidal control of odor causing materials.

Enviroscrub and Powerscrub

  • Water-based, safe and easy to apply scrubbing agents provide fast, effective cleansing of process equipment including process tanks and vessels, stripper columns, turpentine storage tanks, NCG systems, lime kiln scrubbers and sewers and isolated areas
  • Quickly and irreversibly reacts with hydrogen sulfite and mercaptans
  • Unlike common oxidizers, reacts selectively with hydrogen sulfite and mercaptans
  • Formulated for outdoor year around (freeze protected) and indoor applications, as well as specific conditions in each application area
  • Can be used to scrub non-condensable gases before venting and to reduce levels of H2S and Mercaptans in foul condensate systems to a safe level before entry