High Performance Solutions for Aerospace Component Manufacturers

The aerospace industry demands high standards and tight tolerances across all operations. DuBois provides reliable and high performance solutions for aerospace component manufacturers. Our experience in precision manufacturing will help you to deliver critical system components and sub-assemblies that comply with your customer’s detailed specifications.   

When you partner with DuBois, you will have peace of mind that you will be complying with your customers’ demand for precise, high quality parts. To achieve the high standards set by today’s aerospace industry, DuBois has an established comprehensive selection of products, which include: 

Brazing Salts 

The DuBois line of brazing salts offers a versatile range of products that were designed for a low melting point, good fluidity, and good braze characteristics while providing superior drainage and less drag-out. Our line features products capable of meeting AWS A5.31M/A5.31:2013 and AMS 3415 REV.E.

Quench Oils 

The DuBois series of quench oils offers a wide range of products of varying viscosities that have a large scope of controlled quenching speeds. 

Metal Removal 

The DuBois line of advanced coolants offers a versatile range of soluble, semi-synthetic, synthetic fluids and straight oils. Our technical experts will evaluate your operation and recommend the chemistry with the right balance of lubrication and cooling properties. 

Metal Forming 

The DuBois series of metal forming fluids includes a wide variety of product technology for aerospace applications. Our products deliver excellent lubrication and corrosion protection that improve your surface finish and extend the life of expensive equipment used in metal forming operations.

High Performance Lubricants 

The DuBois line of high performance oils and grease is setting new performance standards in many industries. While our product technology is exceptional, we know the success of any lubrication program relies on much more than the technology built into a product. The greatest impact on any program is people, enabled by effective solutions that deliver results. This is where DuBois differentiates itself from the competition. 

Products and Technologies