Wire & Tube

High Performance Coatings and Lubricants for the Wire and Tube Manufacturers

Steel Wire is used to create the fasteners that hold our world together and steel tubes help us to extract energy from the earth and deliver lifesaving fluids. 

Whether you are producing welded or seamless tube, DuBois understands your drawing speeds must be maximized to meet production targets. “Chatter” and i.d. scratches are unacceptable when trying to achieve your customer’s wall tolerances and surface smoothness specifications.   

DuBois coatings and lubricants protect your tooling from excessive wear, resulting in fewer die change-outs and minimal down-time. They provide the coating weight, crystal structure and lubricity needed to meet your dimensional and physical tolerances. 

DuBois zinc phosphate baths are easy to start-up and operate; they produce consistent quality parts after extensive production and after periods of inactivity. You can count on our baths producing good parts after a long weekend; giving you piece of mind. DuBois does not compromise when making raw material purchases; we use the highest quality lubricants that hold-up against contaminants and remain reactive, resulting in bath longevity. 

DuBois comprehensive and high-performance product portfolio for tube drawing, wire drawing or cold extrusion offer significant benefits and ensure uninterrupted process flow. Our application experience and acquisitions of Heatbath and Century Chemical make us your partner of choice. 

Our products are designed to meet the tightest quality standards in the following markets: 

  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive 
  • Fasteners 
  • Mechanical 
  • Ordinance and Military  
  • Oil and Gas  
  • Sporting Goods 

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