Case Studies


Case Studies:

Al-Brite LK Effectively Cleans Weld Burn Without Etching Aluminum


The customer is an aluminum trailer manufacturer. After welding, the parts must be cleaned to remove the weld burn and brighten the aluminum. In this process, the customer was utilizing a competitor’s cleaner. While the product was an effective cleaner, it contained a relatively high level of hydrofluoric acid. Not only did this raise safety concerns, but it also etched the aluminum, destroying its natural appearance and giving the trailers a white matte finish. Operators needed to carefully ensure that the entire surface of the trailer was covered in cleaner. If the surface was not covered entirely, an uneven or “cloudy” appearance would result. Beyond the aesthetics, an etched surface attracts road grime much more readily than aluminum that is not etched, making it more difficult to clean and maintain.


DuBois partnered with the manufacturer to replace the competitor’s product. The manufacturer welded test parts and aged them outside in their hard for two months before sending to the DuBois laboratory for testing. There, the DuBois technical team determined that Al-Brite LK was the right product for the job. With a unique blend of mineral acids and detergents, Al-Brite LK is specifically formulated to effectively clean the aluminum and remove the weld burn, while leaving the aluminum clean, bright, and unetched. The team took the product to the customer site for validation. They found that a 10-20% solution could be easily applied with a low volume, low pressure spray wand. When allowed to dwell for 30 seconds on fresh welds and up to 4 minutes on aged welds, then rinsing with high pressure, the parts were cleaned to perfection.


Al-Brite LK:
• Cleans the aluminum without any etching.
• Allows aluminum to maintain its natural appearance.
• Removes carbon from welds in as little as 30 seconds.
• Contains a low level of fluoride; does not require use of a respirator with supplied air
• Can be easily applied through acid-resistant foamers and low volume, low pressure spray equipment