Heavy Equipment

Comprehensive Solutions for Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

All of us benefit from Heavy Equipment every day; from farmers harvesting the food we eat to construction workers building our homes and roads.   

Heavy Equipment is subject to severe operating conditions. Customers prioritize reliability and longevity when considering purchasing your machines. DuBois offers comprehensive solutions that ensure your equipment remains in the field; helping your customers meet their deadlines and maximize yields. Our products are designed to meet the tightest quality standards in the following applications: 

  • Agricultural 
  • Construction 
  • Material Handling 
  • Mining  
  • Military 
  • Off-Road Vehicles 

Manufacturers of Heavy Equipment are presented with many corrosion, cleaning and coating performance challenges. DuBois provides solutions for: 

  • Removing laser scale from edges 
  • Improving adhesion on welded surfaces 
  • Protecting parts from corrosion during manufacturing and shipping.   

Whether your needs are for OEM or Remanufacturing, DuBois has a solution for you. 

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