Energy & Mining

Creating Custom Solutions

DuBois Chemicals has a complete line of micro-biocides used for treating water used in all phases of drilling, fracking, produced water as well as surface water and water to be deep well injected. We have excellent internal regulatory support that helps our customers in the energy sector to remain compliant with all federal and state regulations. Our customers appreciate DuBois Chemical’s ability to deliver our products with very short lead times and in various packages sized to meet their needs.


Oil and gas production occurs throughout the world. Each oilfield is unique and poses many challenges and opportunities. The one constant however in all oil and gas applications, regardless of their locations, is the need for biocides. Biocides are used in all stages of oil and gas production, from the initial drilling of the wells to the day to day operations and maintenance of the field. Biocides play a very important role and are a valuable chemical ensuring that the oil and gas are produced safely. DuBois Chemical offers a wide range of biocides, corrosion & scale inhibitors, anti-foams, wastewater treatment, and also has the ability to custom blend products to meet our customer’s needs and the environment.


The conditions encountered in the oil and gas fields allow for many microbiological problems. Temperatures range from hot to cold and from fully aerobic (presence of air) to anaerobic (absence of air). These conditions breed different types of microorganisms that have adapted to the environments in which they live. DuBois Chemical’s biocides offer the best overall microbiological protection and a specific treatment program can be designed to meet the needs of the customer. The biocide treatment program can be either a continuous program with low concentrations of the chosen product or a slug-fed program with doses incorporated on a regular schedule. Either way these treatments should be discussed with the DuBois Chemicals Representative and confirmed via laboratory evaluations. Let us design the best program to meet all your needs.


Water is a critical resource throughout all phases of mining operations. DuBois Water and Wastewater Treatment programs offer several solutions to mining operations:

  • Scale, corrosion, and biological control in cooling towers and boiler systems
  • Dust control
  • Wastewater programs that minimize sewer costs and maximize water savings
  • Deposit and scale control in process water