• Scale Control

Inorganic scale can pose significant problems in every area of a pulp and paper mill. DuBois products help prevent the accumulation of scale on all process surfaces. In addition DuBois has an extensive line of scale cleaning products that remove existing deposits.

Key Technologies:

X-Cell Line

  • Paper machine applications
    • Headboxes and approach piping – improve stock flows and sheet uniformity
    • Pressure screens – decrease downtime
    • Fabric conditioning nozzles and showering systems – improve shower uniformity and extend nozzle life
    • Suction roll showers – improved suction roll vacuum profile
    • Save All – improved efficiency
  • Pulp mill applications
    • Liquor evaporators – improved efficiency and liquor throughput
    • Heat exchangers – enhanced heat transfer and improved throughput
    • Green liquor clarification – improved throughput and extended time between cleaning intervals
    • Pulp digester – improve productivity and reduce down-time
    • Bleach plant – reduce maintenance cost and increase productivity
    • Kiln scrubbers – prevent nozzle plugging and poor scrubber performance