• System Cleaning Solutions

Effective paper machine boilouts and system cleaning are vital to minimizing downtime and defects. The products and procedures are critical to success. Nobody understands the issues associated with paper mill cleaning like DuBois.

Prior to conducting a system cleaning, your DuBois representative will inspect and survey the system to determine the nature and degree of any deposition. In doing so, we ensure the correct program, products, and concentrations are used to effectively address and remove the deposition.

Key Technologies:


  • Unique process developed by DuBois to address the most critical deposit control area of the paper machine
  • A Bubble-Up is an internal foam cleaning of the approach piping, inlet manifold, headbox and slice lips, which are areas where runnability issues generally begin
  • Less time required than a boil-out
  • Higher concentration than a boilout, lower chemical use

Altrox Line

  • A patented oxidizing cleaner that is effective in cleaning coater systems, paper machine systems, starch systems and dye systems.
  • Removes thick deposit layers and biofilm
  • Non-corrosive to skin (GHS classification)

Sure Safe® Line

  • Cleaners designed to be effective while having a better safety profile than many paper mill cleaners.
  • Non-corrosive to skin and eyes (GHS Classification).


  • Highly concentrated boilout additive formulated for use with mill caustic
  • Contains more than six times the detergency of a typical alkaline boilout product