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IPC is DuBois – European Market

March 7, 2022

New year, more solutions! DuBois Chemicals acquired International Products Corporation (IPC) in July 2021. DuBois’ European operations in the Netherlands began managing the supply of IPC products and services for Europe in February 2022.


The IPC product line contains a range of specialty chemical solutions, including cleaners and assembly lubricants, allowing DuBois to expand our chemistry and process knowledge capabilities with new robust solutions in the European market.


The product line includes a unique formulated line of temporary rubber lubricants. An individualized line of lubricants, P-80®, are exceptional assembly aids specifically developed to provide quick lubrication that makes rubber easy to install, remove, or otherwise manipulate. This specialized line of products enables rubber parts to easily slide into place with minimal force, allowing manufacturers to maintain their quality and safety standards.


The addition of the IPC products allows DuBois Chemicals to better meet our customers’ needs. All IPC’s products are made in the USA and are available worldwide.


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