Case Studies


Case Studies:

Double-Cut Topaz 73S Eliminates Residue to Improve Tool Performance


The customer is a world-leading manufacturer of farm and ranch equipment, grain storage systems, strip joiners and metal buildings. One of their key products is tubing for cattle and livestock pens and gates. The manufacturing process for these tubes utilizes mandrils to facilitate quality milling. In this stage, the customer was utilizing a competitor’s metalworking fluid. Over time, they noticed a sticky wax building up on the mandrils. This residue required frequent clean-outs and created a significant increase in downtime, lowering overall productivity. Because of this, the customer began seeking a cleaner alternative that was less prone to build-up.


DuBois partnered with the manufacturer to eliminate residue and improve output by implementing Double-Cut Topaz 73S. Double-Cut Topaz 73S is an oil-rejecting synthetic fluid developed for a wide range of applications on various metals including brass, aluminum, steels, and many alloys. This product is designed for superior heat dissipation and extreme pressure characteristics for extended tool life. It is exceptionally resistant to bacteria and fungus, and remains odor free for extended periods of time, and its low foaming formulation leaves a soft, clean coating on machine surfaces. This product is a favorite among the DuBois technical team and commonly recommended for applications where oil and deposit rejection properties are vital.


In a trial, the DuBois technical team and the manufacturer applied the Double-Cut Topaz 73S to the tube mill. Throughout the test, the customer noted the cleanliness of the product and the low amount of residue building on the mandrils. The waxy residue previously seen with the competitive product did not build up when using the Double-Cut Topaz 73S.
The customer added the Double-Cut Topaz 73S as a permanent solution on their mandrils. Their staff and the DuBois technical service team continue to report that the machines are running cleaner and require clean outs much less often, significantly reducing downtime. The customer is extremely happy with the improvement this product has brought to production and continues to partner with DuBois on other operational improvements.