Case Studies


Case Studies:

GX Cool 2192BU Eliminates Tackiness to Reduce Required Downtime


The customer is a manufacturer of structural and roll-formed pallet racking and engineers warehouse storage systems for distribution centers, e-commerce fulfillment, and retail stores. Part of their manufacturing process involves the utilization of a synthetic tool mill coolant to roll the tubing for the racks. In this application, they utilized a competitor’s synthetic coolant. Over time, the customer found that the competitor’s coolant was causing a sticky, tacky film on the rollers. This film was incredibly difficult to remove, and downtime was often extended to allow for appropriate maintenance. The customer also expressed a concern over bimetallic corrosion on the rollformer. With these issues in mind, the customer began seeking an alternative product.


DuBois partnered with the manufacturer to eliminate the tackiness on the rollers by implementing GX Cool 2192BU. GX Cool 2192BU is a medium-duty semi-synthetic coolant developed for the machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is formulated with excellent detergency characteristics coupled with foam control, resulting in cleaner machines and work pieces, making it a perfect fit for the customer’s rollers. This product is a popular choice among the DuBois technical team, as its superior wetting and cooling properties, in-process rust protection, and extended resistance to biological contamination is ideal for controlling a system and improving system efficiency and tool life.


The DuBois technical team and the manufacturer charged the system with GX Cool 2192BU and monitored its effects on the rollers and produced parts. Upon implementation, the product was found to leave a light oily film on the parts to avoid heavy drag out, without leaving the part too soiled to effectively clean. Throughout the trial, the customer noted that the GX Cool 2192BU cleaned off the parts in the washer much easier than the competitive product, and when maintenance stepped in to clean the rollers, they were able to complete the job in a fraction of the time usually required. They also did not see any presence of the bimetallic corrosion that had troubled them previously. The team continues to report that the tackiness has been fully eliminated and that process efficiency has improved. The customer is very pleased with these results and continues to partner with DuBois on other operational improvements.