Case Studies


Case Studies:

GX Cool 3890CSL Improves Performance while Controlling Odor


The customer is an aluminum wheel hub manufacturer. In their cutting and grinding operations, the customer utilized a competitor’s multi-metal semi-synthetic fluid. In these processes, the manufacturer was experiencing frequent tool failures and biological issues that decreased their sump life and minimized recyclability options. Amid the odor, foam, and misting, they also struggled to maintain a clean and safe working environment.
The manufacturer reached out to their DuBois technical team, who serviced other applications in their facility. While surveying the system, they requested a product that was high performing on aluminum and steel, capable in both central systems and individual machines, did not foam at high pressure (1000 psi) and soft water (100 umhos), and eliminated their tool life and biological activity concerns.


The DuBois team partnered with the manufacturer to implement GX Cool 3890CSL. GX Cool 3890CSL is a premium grade, emulsifiable metalworking fluid for heavy-duty machining and grinding of all metals, including automotive cast aluminum. It is a clean running, bio-stable coolant that provides excellent tool life and surface finish. It is specifically formulated with outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and easily mixes in all kinds of water. GX Cool 3890CSL is a DuBois favorite and has seen significant success in the medical, automotive, and contract manufacturing industries, both because of its performance and its high operator acceptance due to its pleasing odor and good rancidity control.


When applied, the GX Cool 3890CSL vastly outperformed the competitive product. The customer reported that their tool life doubled, and they were able to reduce tap usage from 153 taps per month down to 28 – an 81.7% decrease! The biological and oily residues caused by the competitive product were eliminated, increasing sump life and ending odor complaints. The manufacturer is very impressed with how the GX Cool 3890CSL solved their problems and they look forward to partnering with their DuBois technical team on future projects.