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Case Studies:

Lift F231 Case Study

Lift F231 Provides Superior Floor Cleaning and Drying to Multiple Plants


The customer is a leading designer and manufacturer of a broad portfolio of power solutions, including engines, filters, fuel systems, controls systems, air handling systems, automated transmissions, fuel cells, and more. Throughout production and assembly, the floors often become coated in greases and oils. The customer was utilizing a chemical management company, who supplied them with a common floor cleaning product. They used this product at 20% in their floor scrubbing and mopping operations. Though they found the product to be satisfactory, the customer felt the product’s performance and chemical usage could be improved on.
For many years, the customer has utilized DuBois pretreatment solutions and has been very satisfied with the solutions and support they had received. With this in mind, they requested their DuBois technical team review their floor cleaning needs and propose a new solution. This product would need to be usable in both floor scrubber and mop and bucket operations. It would also need to guarantee non-slippery floors through efficient cleaning and drying. Finally, per the customer’s environmental requirements, the product would need to be phosphate-free and have a moderate use pH to ensure user safety.


The DuBois team reviewed the customer’s processes and trialed some top DuBois floor cleaners. Through this evaluation, the DuBois and customer teams selected Lift F231 for implementation. Lift F231 is a high quality, low foaming liquid cleaner designed for diverse cleaning operations. Its blend of solvents and surfactants allow it to quickly penetrate and lift industrial soils from hard surfaces. It is phosphate-free and has a mild pH for user safety. Lift F231 is also safe on most materials, including steel, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, and soft metals when used as directed, making it safe across any plant surfaces it may encounter.


Upon testing, the customer was very satisfied with Lift F231’s cleaning and drying ability. They also found that they were able to vary the concentration in each plant area to match the soil load, with all selected concentrations falling well below the 20% usage of the previous product. To expand these results, the customer continued to partner with their DuBois technical team to employ the product in three of their sites. The DuBois team evaluated each site and designed systems to meet the unique footprint requirements of each facility. In the first facility which produces engines, being the largest and having the most available fill space, the team installed five holding tanks with Lafferty one way ball valves. These tanks are spread out across the plant, allowing employees to fill their mop buckets or pull up floor scrubbers to fill up as needed. In the second plant, a midrange engine facility that also utilizes a mix of floor scrubbers and mops, the team installed a smaller tank with the same Lafferty setup, plus two areas to pump directly from totes. The third location is a fuel systems plant that involves more machinery and narrower aisleways. Because of this, most of their cleaning is done by mop and bucket applications. For this location, the team implemented multiple drum fill stations that maintain accessibility with less footprint required. Overall, the customer is pleased with Lift F231’s efficacy and the support they have received from their DuBois technical team. The two teams look forward to continuing to collaborate on future projects.


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