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Case Studies:

NXT 717 Case Study

NXT 717


DuBois’ NXT ammonia refrigeration line represents the next generation of 2-stage hydrocracked ammonia refrigeration lubricants. They are specially formulated to provide the highest level of performance and protection possible. This has been achieved through our detailed knowledge of ammonia refrigeration systems and more than two decades of experience manufacturing advanced ammonia refrigeration lubricants.
NXT 717 has an exceptionally low pour point for enhanced cold-temperature performance and is formulated specifically for use in ammonia refrigeration systems, particularly in rotary-screw, rotary vane, and reciprocating piston applications. It is effective in applications with evaporator temperatures as low as -45°C and has very low oil carryover rates, 50 to 80% less than competitor formulations. It is a long-lasting formulation that significantly increases fluid life, and its lower ammonia solubility results in less viscosity dilution.
These customer stories further demonstrate its ability to perform well and improve processes in multiple applications.


Customer: Orange Juice Processing Facility Compressors: 24 MYCOM Screw Compressors, most with horsepower exceeding 1,500 Problem: Seeing dramatic oil loss. Using more than 51 barrels per year. Results: The customer switched to NXT 717 and was able to add it directly overtop the original fluid, minimizing waste. This switch decreased oil consumption to 14 barrels per year, a 72% reduction in oil usage. This resulted in significant cost savings, and they have remained an NXT 717 customer for more than a decade.


Customer: Cold Storage Facility Compressors: 2 GEA W-3 Screws Problem: Experiencing evaporator fouling and low oil return rates. Results: Due to NXT 717’s superior low temperature fluidity, upon switching, the customer experienced better oil return rates and less evaporator fouling. This reduced fouling increased the thermal transfer efficiency. Previously, the refrigeration system was operating at -38°C to maintain cooling capacity. They were able to increase the refrigeration system running temperature to -34°C with the same cooling capacity. Detailed inspection performed with no abnormal wear detected in the compressors.


Customer: Ice Cream Production Facility Compressors: 4 MYCOM Screw Compressors Problem: Customer was experiencing dramatic oil loss. Results: Upon switching to NXT 717, the customer experienced a 40% reduction in oil usage.


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