Case Studies


Case Studies:


Radi-Aze Cleans Difficult Oils from Shop Surfaces


The customer is a leading provider of electric drive systems, specializing in developing, building, and supplying market-leading driveline systems and advanced ePowertrain technologies. Throughout their production area, the customer had concerns in areas were oil mist was getting on the floors. These areas created a severe slip hazard and concern for worker safety. The operators were utilizing a competitor’s cleaner, and found that the results were fine, but there was definite room for improvement. The customer, having found great success with other DuBois products including derusting products and metalworking fluids, contacted their DuBois technical specialist for support. In order for a solution to be considered a success, the cleaner would need to dry quickly and leave an oil-free surface behind. This would also need to be done at a use cost at or below that of the incumbent product.


The DuBois team reviewed the customer’s process and trialed some of the top DuBois cleaners along side other products from competitors. Among the products trailed was Radi-Aze. Radi-Aze is a medium duty alkaline cleaner, utilized in a wide variety of cleaning applications. A superior blend of wetting and grease emulsifying agents gives Radi-Aze a unique cleaning and degreasing power that breaks the bond that holds soils to surfaces and holds the soils in suspension to allow for a complete rinse. It is highly concentrated to provide a low use cost and maximize on shipping costs.


Upon implementation, the customer found that Radi-Aze provided the cleanest floors as evaluated by the operators. The floor dried quickly and were not slippery. They saw a reduction in the oil build-up and were satisfied with its removal, especially in the areas susceptible to heavier oil mist. The dried floors have drastically reduced the changes of an operator slipping and falling when working in these areas, resulting in a safer work environment. The customer now keeps Radi-Aze in stock in a bulk tank to maximize their floorspace and inventory requirements. This bulk tank then connects to a proportioner mixing station, to which operators can easily pull up a floor scrubber to refill. The customer and DuBois technical team continue to evaluate additional opportunities for improvement and appreciate their continued partnership.

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