Case Studies


Case Studies:

Case Study DuJel 200 Removes Carbon Scale from Steel, Eliminating Corrosion and Adhesion Failures


The customer is a manufacturer of single component steel grain bins. These large steel bins must be cleaned and pretreated prior to powder coating to remove the plasma scale, mill scale, and weld burn left behind by the manufacturing process. Historically, these soils have been difficult to remove and the coating performance has suffered. As a result, this process has been subject to a high percentage of rework due to inadequate coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.


DuBois partnered with the manufacturer to find an optimum cleaning solution to set the stage for a strong phosphate coating. Together, they implemented DuJel 200. DuJel 200 is an acid gel cleaner with an encapsulated mineral base. It is designed to remove rust, laser scale, and heat/mill scale from ferrous metals. DuJel 200 clings to vertical surfaces to obtain optimal prolonged reaction time with the targeted rust, making it particularly ideal for parts with large surface areas. It is free rinsing and can be easily removed with cold, warm, or hot water.


The customer found that DuJel 200 completely removed the offending soils, eliminating the coating adhesion issues previously seen. This greatly reduced the amount of labor and materials required to rework their large, highly visible products. Since implementing the product, the customer has expanded its use to another of its production plants.
Key Benefits:
• Improved product image
• Greater productivity
• Decreased production costs
• Better first pass efficiency
• Easy to use system with superior results

Prior to Treatment

Post DuJel 200/Rinse