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Earth Day 2019

April 22, 2019

For Earth Day this year, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland was awarded a $10,000 check by Eldon Water, for being a sustainability leader.  The Eldon Water Sustainability Leadership Award recognizes organizations that have shown initiative to realize cost savings for their facility in addition to water and energy savings for the planet.

Together , St. Joseph Mercy Oakland and Eldon Water implemented a continuous improvement project to greatly reduce the hospital’s cooling tower water consumption, resulting in a projected savings of more than 665,000 gallons of water annually.  The savings were achieved by implementing a pre-treatment system and carefully designed soft water program.

Water in St. Joe’s largest cooling tower system can now be recycle up to eight times, creating significant efficiencies.  In addition to reducing the hospital’s water consumption, this project also plays a key role in protecting mission critical equipment and reducing chemical treatment costs.

The hospital expects to use the $10,000 award check to help offset costs of future sustainability projects.

Eldon Water was part of DuBois acquisition of the Water Treatment Solutions division of Triwater Holdings LLC.

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